it’s all starts from
a fresh idea

An accomplished professional with, 5 years in IT industry and 5 years as Business development Manager for my own start-up Play360, Naaniz & Naaniskitchen.

Worked very hard for my first 5 years of Job and got appreciated by lot of good friends

Taking my dream of gaming into existence was my next part I did by establishing play360 brand in various city across india

 We always follows the good methodology to deliver the best food !
Aim                                            is aimed at bringing the household individuals close to the customers in need. On our online platform one can find products ranging from homemade pickles (achar), papad, bakery goods, paint
We plan to get support of housewives across india and targetting 10000 ladies associated with same 

we not looking to generate any revenue over here but Deploy the message that all can do something in there life
fresh ideas
it’s all starts from
a fresh idea
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At Citra, we always follows intelligent methodology to deliver the best solutions!
Our Excellence
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The X-Innovation
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The Design Passion
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fresh ideas