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  • 1,800.00 

    Lord Ganesha is a god for all good deeds. His blessings are must for new beginnings. Thus an idol of Ganesha is a must in any home or office . Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of wealth. This Rajasthani artefact is ideal for your home or workplace. Its beauty lays in its colours and intricate carving. As it is a product made of high quality material, its durability is for always. The handprinted chowki and the idol go well with each other. The kundan work brings out the beauty of the product. It is an auspicious gift for your near and dear ones, as well as for personal use. This religious gift can is a good selection as return gift.

  • 1,800.00 

    This is a beautiful, unique & gorgeous hand work of Hindu Gods Laxmi Ganesh & Saraswati. Bless your place and heighten the beauty and spirituality of your house or work place with this Handmade God Sculpture. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. He is worshipped for success (siddhi) in undertakings and intelligence (buddhi). He is worshipped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and fine arts. Ganesha is the legendary scribe who, using his broken tusk, which he often holds, wrote down parts of the Mahabharata epic.This Handmade Gods Sculpture is fully hand crafted, making it a truly authentic figurine. Place this calm art piece in your living room for an effervescence beauty or gift it to your loved ones before he/she enters a new phase in life.

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    Beautiful Handicraft work Elephant Statue with Fine Carving all Over the Elephant .Clean by Dry Cloth. The metalworkers use traditional sand casting techniques to create this highly detailed statue

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    Elephants and Feng Shui-Elephants are often used in Feng Shui to energize certain areas of the home and for good luck. The elephant is associated with Buddha and the Indian deity Ganesh and can be used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility, and general good luck. Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that elephants should have their trunks facing upwards to represent prosperity, good luck, and success

  • 4,900.00 

    A modern day brass & wooden miniature; this horse carriage is an exact replica and is a reflection of the traditional Indian way of life. This  horse cart has an enticing antique look. Every edge of this magnificent  showpiece has beautiful etching patterns. Unique for Decoration and Gifting purposes.

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    The masterpiece has been uniquely adorned with rich Meenakari work which makes it Elegant and the Royal Blue color brings a gorgeous touch to it.  It has been handcrafted in the shape of a Dancing Peacock which makes it look real. Beautiful gift ideal for birthday, anniversary or a good luck wish to your friends, family or colleague.

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    The Bright colours and attractive Meenakari work in this “Laxmi Ganesha idol set with marble chowki” set a perfect gift item for religious occasions and social gifting. The skillfully hand-painted chowki adorned with magnificent meenakari work, will surely add to the religious feel of your household. An extra ordinary product to enhance your spiritual spirits. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is advised. The “Laxmi Ganesha” figurine is seated on a pure white marble chowki with meenakari peacock art.

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    Celestial Ganesha idol made from white marble hand painted in red and gold, studded with colorful stones, idol sitting on the marble chowki. Bring home this season, the precious “”lord Ganesha with kalash on marble chowki “” to decorate and create an auspicious aura in your living space. Made of marble, it has been hand enameled using rich red, green, blue and golden colors. It serves as a great gift, especially around religious celebrations and festivities.

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    Made of solid Brass Metal with colorful turquoise Gemstone. Gorgeous & Unique Artistic elephant statues with a raised trunk. According to the Buddhist tradition, the Elephant is one of the sacred animals. It is often depicted with a lotus flower on its back to hold the Buddha’s wisdom. In Buddhism the elephant is a symbol of mental strength. At the beginning of spiritual development the unrestrained mind is depicted as gray elephant that destroys everything on its way.  In Feng Shui, the Elephant symbolizes childbirth and children happiness. The best placement for a pair of Elephants with raised trunks is outside of your house, but you can also put them inside if you keep them close to the front door. If they are put inside, they should face the entrance to protect your home from various threats. In addition, they will attract a lot of happiness.




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