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  • 180.00 

    The candle with glitter has a LED that looks like a flickering flame and changes colour automatically. The candle is durable and transparent. Turned on, the motor moves the liquid inside the candle creates an effect of shimmering light. Circulating Glitter & Water, with flickering flame makes the candle really stand out as a beautiful Diwali Decoration, Home Decor. Impress your friends and family with these great Diwali Decoration, Christmas Decoration, Home Decor, House Warming Party.

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    Mild spicy & crunchy tea time snack. 1 KG @Rs180

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    This exclusive Friendship day pen stand is an exclusive gift for your friends, This pen stand is crafted from wood and with friendship quotes, this will make your friendships day celebration more special!

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    Homemade Badam Burfi

    Is a rich and healthy sweet recipe made of almond, ghee and sugar.

    Rs700- Price for 1 KG

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    Homemade Besan Chakki

    Besan Chakki , also popularly known as Chutiya ki Chakki is one of the most popular and famous sweet, This burfi is unique as the besan takes on a granular form. The rich taste of this barfi comes from besan roasted in ghee.

    Rs400 – Price for 1KG


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    What’s bright, sweet, and about to make your toast so much better? A height-of-summer batch of homemade jam!Give it as a gift or simply enjoy spread on toast, make your meals super tasty!!

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    Homemade Kaju Katli

    Kaju is the health nut of the world. Kaju Katli has all the nutritional virtues of cashews. Good source of monosaturated fats, protein and minerals.

    Rs700 – PRICE for 1 KG

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    Homemade Masala Puri

     Is a crispy and delicious melt in mouth deep-fried snack. It is prepared from maida salt, oil, black pepper, cumin seeds and other spices.

    100% Authentic Regional Delicacy

    • Fresh and Crisp


    Rs200 for 1 KG

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    Homemade mathri

    Crispy, flaky and superbly flavoured deep-fried ‘mathris’ or ‘mathis’ snack tastes best with Tea

    Product Weight: 1kg @Rs200

    Storage Instruction: Store in Cool and Dry Place. Keep Away from Sunlight

    • No preservatives and extra colour added


    Rs200 for 1 KG




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