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    Homemade Suji Halwa

    Is a very popular sweet dish all over India and is made on religious occasions, as parsad. Mrs.Anita’s sooji halwa at Naaniz is laden with almonds and cashew and is  prepared with ghee, Serves as a welcome treat for taste buds anytime.

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    The 3X3 Puzzle Cube is a really great cube & is ideal for speed cubing.  The pieces on this cube are very unique and high-quality. Fully functional spring structured for fast turn .Good abrasion resistance and texture in hand .Easy to play and especially suitable for beginners .Good looking stickers .Great gift and collector item for magic cube lover

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    Sabudana Khichdi is a perfect food for those on a fast – but generally wiped off by others in the family who are not on a fast also, because it is so irresistibly tasty! Sabudana khichdi is a very nutritious and yummy breakfast recipe. Sabudana Khichdi Recipe is popular vrat recipe with no onion and garlic. Sago Khichdi is so filling for breakfast or even as a snack.

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    Shrikhand Indore is a healthy sweet made from strained curd, flavoured with saffron and cardamom.

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    This chai masala is made to make your tea delicious & tasty. A dash of spices always makes chai a lot more interesting, especially on cold winter days and wet monsoon ones.

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    A thepla is a wholesome meal. Gujarati thepla is wheat flour roti spiced and fresh methi added, Best food for travelling or picnic.

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    Now enjoy delicious lunch at your office/ coaching/hostel by Naaniskitchen.

    Package contains:

    Roti + Ghee, Rice, 2 Sabji & Daal

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    Open up this magical pop up book and enter the enchanting world of three little pigs!! Let your kids enjoy the book and amaze themselves in the world of 3 little pigs. Ideal for gifting too!

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    Educational Non Slip & Washable Kids dining table mat sets

    ★ These dining table mat sets are made out of high-quality materials and full colour impressions that create a vivid and cheerful atmosphere around the table.
    ★ Whether you are eating outdoors or indoors, these Kids table mats are a perfect way for our little ones to learn while they eat.




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