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  • 700.00 

    Homemade Badam Burfi

    Is a rich and healthy sweet recipe made of almond, ghee and sugar.

    Rs700- Price for 1 KG

  • 400.00 

    Homemade Besan Chakki

    Besan Chakki , also popularly known as Chutiya ki Chakki is one of the most popular and famous sweet, This burfi is unique as the besan takes on a granular form. The rich taste of this barfi comes from besan roasted in ghee.

    Rs400 – Price for 1KG


  • 20.00 

    Customised & Personalised Homemade Chocolates. Chocolates are loved by all – right from kids to grown ups. So they become a perfect gifting solution for every occasion.

    Rs 20 per piece

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    100.00  80.00 

    What’s bright, sweet, and about to make your toast so much better? A height-of-summer batch of homemade jam!Give it as a gift or simply enjoy spread on toast, make your meals super tasty!!

  • 700.00 

    Homemade Kaju Katli

    Kaju is the health nut of the world. Kaju Katli has all the nutritional virtues of cashews. Good source of monosaturated fats, protein and minerals.

    Rs700 – PRICE for 1 KG

  • 200.00 

    Homemade Masala Puri

     Is a crispy and delicious melt in mouth deep-fried snack. It is prepared from maida salt, oil, black pepper, cumin seeds and other spices.

    100% Authentic Regional Delicacy

    • Fresh and Crisp


    Rs200 for 1 KG

  • 200.00 
    Homemade mathri

    Crispy, flaky and superbly flavoured deep-fried ‘mathris’ or ‘mathis’ snack tastes best with Tea

    Product Weight: 1kg @Rs200

    Storage Instruction: Store in Cool and Dry Place. Keep Away from Sunlight

    • No preservatives and extra colour added


    Rs200 for 1 KG

  • 180.00 

    Homemade namak pare

    Seasoned with ajwain, cumin seeds, carom seeds, and deep fried in pure ghee . Perfect with tea, Stored for 15-20 days in an air tight container.

  • 200.00 

    Homemade Shakkar Para

    Made from plain flour, sooji, ghee, dry fruits and sugar.

    Price-Rs 200 for 1 KG

    • Store in a dry air-tight container
    • Stays for 1 to 2 months
    • Packet contains 1 KG




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