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  • Naaniz homemade Laung sev namkeen
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    Laung Sev or Clove Sev is Sev made with laung powder in it. A good amount to laung powder is added to the gram flour to create this extremely flavorful and slightly spicy . Masala laung sev namkeen has yummy taste so that it refreshs your mouth with spicy flavors.

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    Naaniz Homemade Ratlami Sev

    A unique blend of gram and moth flour, herbs and mild spices makes for the conventional delicacy of malwa. Enhance your taste with Ratlami Sev, Ratlami sev is a popular fried and crisp snack made with gram flour, clove,pepper and other spices. This is a specialty from the city of Ratlam(M.P).

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    Gathiya namkeen

    Turn your tea time into a special affair with these traditionally namkeen bhavnagri gathia. It is prepared with loving care, a watchful eye, and premium ingredients.

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    Bundi, a water droplet sized deep fried crispy Indian snack prepared from gram flour and few spices, is a main ingredient in making bundi raita and other snacks. Namkeen bundi is  from Besan, Salt, Oil & Spices.

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    Namak pare made with all purpose flour (maida) are often liked by everyone, these Besan paare are awesome in taste, crunchy and spicy. Paare makes a great snack.


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    Nylon Sev is a noodle type crispy snack made from gram flour. It is a regular feature in most Indian chaats and chivda mixtures and is  particularly used in many Indian food and snack preparations as main ingredient or garnishing input to chats, bhelpuri etc.

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    A lip-smacking delicious snack, this Theekha Namkeen is created to add excitement in your life. Quite irresistible to your everyday snack requirements!

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